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Daily Archives: May 11, 2023

The Moral Machine – Could AI Outshine Us in Ethical Decision-Making?

Beyond2060: “There has been a lot of hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth about the dangers of AI. Artificial Intelligence is going to be the end of us all, apparently. But is this inevitable? Can’t we create ethical AI which strictly adheres to ethical principles and will only benefit mankind? Philosophers have been debating ethics for thousands of years, can they provide a set of rules for AI to follow? Let’s investigate…”

Words Matter: The Role of Language in Dispute Resolution

Slaw, Ian Mackenzie – “How we frame conflict can influence how we approach its resolution. The world of litigation is full of angry, combative words that reinforce the perception of conflict resolution as a battle. Of course, some of this is inevitable as much litigation leads to “winners” and “losers”. However, in some areas of… Continue Reading

Google introduces new features to help identify AI images in Search and elsewhere

TechCrunch: “Google is taking its first steps toward combating the potential for misinformation arising from AI-generated images. Complementing its announcements at its I/O developer event this afternoon, the company also introduced two new features coming to Google Search that aim to help people better understand the content and the context of the image they’re viewing… Continue Reading

Google makes its text-to-music AI public

TechCrunch: “Google today released MusicLM, a new experimental AI tool that can turn text descriptions into music. Available in the AI Test Kitchen app on the web, Android or iOS, MusicLM lets users type in a prompt like “soulful jazz for a dinner party” or “create an industrial techno sound that is hypnotic” and have… Continue Reading

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2023 State of Crypto Report: Introducing the State of Crypto Index

a16zcrypto: “Emerging technologies evolve in cycles; in crypto, this includes periods of high activity, followed by so-called crypto winters. In the period marked by our now-annual State of Crypto report, it would be easy for a casual observer to overlook the rapid progress the crypto industry is making. Major infrastructure improvements like The Merge –… Continue Reading

2023 Enterprise Legal Reputation Report

ONIT – “The Ultimate Guide For Legal Departments to Directly Influence Business Materiality, Growth and Efficiency. The full report has been released, illuminating opportunities for legal departments to elevate their relationships, revolutionize their brand image, and optimize their material impact and growth. How? By becoming more modern, efficient, and interactive business partners, thanks to smarter… Continue Reading