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Daily Archives: May 14, 2023

Climate Policy Radar and Grantham Research Institute launch revamped research and policy resource

“We’re delighted to launch our upgraded version of the Climate Change Laws of the World database, offering new tools and features to make it easier to understand and analyse the global climate law and policy landscape. Climate Policy Radar and the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at LSE have partnered to deliver the resource, which gives people free access to climate laws and policies from all over the world, and a suite of features to help explore them. The new features, which harness machine learning and natural language processing techniques, have been developed by Climate Policy Radar. They allow you to now search the full text of documents in the database, consisting of thousands of climate laws and policies from every country.”

The Four Addictions The Challenge of Breaking Hard Habits in the 2020s

Bruce Mehlman, May 10, 2023 [40 page PDF] “Over the first two decades of the 21 st Century, the U.S. (and world) grew increasingly dependent on: • China (for manufacturing, supply chains & deficit financing) • Digital (as everything digitized, networked & automated) • Easy Money (as low interest rates & QE persisted without serious… Continue Reading

What is an effective meeting?

McKinsey – Effective meetings are all about purpose, preparation, and presentation. “…McKinsey’s experience shows that leaders may want to stop thinking about time management as primarily an individual problem and start addressing it institutionally. Increasingly, time management is an organizational issue with roots deeply embedded in corporate cultures. Unsurprisingly, the solution seems to be balance.… Continue Reading

Fake Publications in Biomedical Science: Red-flagging Method Indicates Mass Production

Medrxiv – Fake Publications in Biomedical Science: Red-flagging Method Indicates Mass Production “Background Integrity of academic publishing is increasingly undermined by fake science publications massively produced by commercial “editing services” (so-called “paper mills”). They use AI-supported, automated production techniques at scale and sell fake publications to students, scientists, and physicians under pressure to advance their… Continue Reading

Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, May 13, 2023

Via LLRX – Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, May 13, 2023: Privacy and cybersecurity issues impact every aspect of our lives – home, work, travel, education, health and medical records – to name but a few. On a weekly basis Pete Weiss highlights articles and information that focus on the increasingly complex… Continue Reading

AI Tools for Lawyers: A Practical Guide

Schwarcz, Daniel B. and Choi, Jonathan H., AI Tools for Lawyers: A Practical Guide (March 29, 2023). Available at SSRN: or “This Article provides lawyers and law students with practical and specific guidance on how to effectively use AI large language models (LLMs), like GPT-4, Bing Chat, and Bard, in legal research and… Continue Reading

The Worst Covid Strategy Was Not Picking One

Bloomberg: The lessons of the pandemic are clearer in a global comparison. Three years after the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 to be a pandemic, we finally have reason to celebrate: Global deaths from the virus have dipped below 1,000 people per day for the first time since March 2020. But with almost 7 million… Continue Reading

Help! My Political Beliefs Were Altered by a Chatbot!

WSJ (free link) – Help! My Political Beliefs Were Altered by a Chatbot! AI assistants may be able to change our views without our realizing it. Says one expert: ‘What’s interesting here is the subtlety.’ When we ask ChatGPT or another bot to draft a memo, email, or presentation, we think these artificial-intelligence assistants are… Continue Reading