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MIT Press launches Direct to Open

“The MIT Press has announced the launch of Direct to Open (D2O). A first-of-its-kind sustainable framework for open access monographs, D2O moves professional and scholarly books from a solely market-based, purchase model where individuals and libraries buy single eBooks, to a collaborative, library-supported open access model.  D2O gives institutions the opportunity to harness collective action… Continue Reading

5 Pandemic Mistakes We Keep Repeating. We can learn from our failures.

The Atlantic – “…Five key fallacies and pitfalls have affected public-health messaging, as well as media coverage, and have played an outsize role in derailing an effective pandemic response. These problems were deepened by the ways that we—the public—developed to cope with a dreadful situation under great uncertainty. And now, even as vaccines offer brilliant… Continue Reading

VaccineFinder: New tool aims to show where COVID-19 shots are available

“VaccineFinder is a free, online service where users can search for locations that offer vaccinations. We work with partners such as clinics, pharmacies, and health departments to provide accurate and up-to-date information about vaccination services. VaccineFinder is operated by epidemiologists and software developers at Boston Children’s Hospital…” [Note – the availability of COVID-19 vaccines is… Continue Reading

AI-powered fact checker begins roll out to selected government agencies

CNET – “Logically Intelligence, an AI-powered web platform that finds and analyzes online misinformation, as well as provides courses of action to take against it. “Logically Intelligence is a culmination of four years of work,” Jain explained to me. “We can find ways to predict the impact of emerging threats and give our partners ways… Continue Reading

Search for copies of your page on the web

Copyscape – “Is your content original? Articles that you purchase may have been copied or stolen from other sites. Publishing them on your site can damage your reputation and ruin your search engine rankings. Protect yourself by verifying all new content with Copyscape Premium, the web’s leading solution for originality checking. Who’s stealing your content?… Continue Reading

Window Swap

“Window Swap lets you open up a window on another part of the world.” Users submit of a view out of a window where they live – from locations around the world. Also on Instagram. Remarkably calming and you can take little visits to places (in cities, suburbs and in the countryside) around in the… Continue Reading

How to make signing up for a COVID-19 vaccine less of a headache

Tech Republic – “Confusing websites and wait times of up to 60,000 minutes sabotage user confidence and slow down progress toward herd immunity.  The COVID-19 vaccine process is literally all over the map. New York State has an “Am I eligible?” app. California has a “My Turn” website. Texas has a collection of 79 vaccine… Continue Reading

4 of the Best Search Engines For Privacy

MakeTechEasier: “For the past several years, online privacy has been a prominent theme. Google, in particular, dominates almost all aspects of the Internet, which considering its business model, isn’t compatible with user privacy. As such, many are looking for Google alternatives, especially when it comes to search engines. In this post, we look at some… Continue Reading

Lizard People in the Library

Project Information Literacy Provocation Series – By Barbara Fister February 3, 2021: “As “research it yourself” becomes a rallying cry for promoters of outlandish conspiracy theories with real-world consequences, educators need to think hard about what’s missing from their information literacy efforts. Information systems that we use in our daily lives map the divisions that have… Continue Reading

The first 100 days of U.S. news coverage: Lessons about the media ecosystem for librarians, educators, students, and journalists

Alison J. Head, Steven Braun, Margy MacMillan, Jessica Yurkofsky, and Alaina C. Bull, September 15, 2020, Covid-19: The first 100 days of U.S. news coverage: Lessons about the media ecosystem for librarians, educators, students, and journalists, Project Information Literacy Research Institute, “This two-part series is about the shape and flow of U.S. media coverage… Continue Reading

Teaching Law Online: Yesterday and Today, But Tomorrow Never Knows

Nathenson, Ira Steven, Teaching Law Online: Yesterday and Today, But Tomorrow Never Knows (November 15, 2020). St. Louis University Law Journal, 2021 Forthcoming, Available at SSRN: or “Although the role of “online” in legal education has grown over the past several decades, online teaching became a lifeline in Spring 2020 when the COVID-19… Continue Reading