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CRS – Transforming Government Acquisition Systems: Overview and Selected Issues

Transforming Government Acquisition Systems: Overview and Selected Issues – L. Elaine Halchin – Specialist in American National Government, June 20, 2013.

“Increasingly, the federal government uses technology to facilitate and support the federal acquisition process. Primary beneficiaries of this shift to online systems (websites and databases) are the government’s acquisition workforce and prospective and incumbent government contractors. The suite of web-based systems supports contracting officers’ efforts to ensure the government contracts only with responsible parties, is essential to the dissemination of information regarding contracting opportunities, and facilitates interagency contracting. From the contractor perspective, the government’s online systems streamline the processes involved in fulfilling various administrative requirements, provide access to possible contracting opportunities, and are potential resources for market research. Congressional interest in the government’s online procurement systems, and, relatedly, the federal acquisition process, flows from the institution’s responsibilities involving government spending and oversight of executive branch operations. Congress monitors how well the federal acquisition process works, which includes several web-based systems, and also uses data and information available from some of the systems as resources for its oversight activities.”

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