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Daily Archives: September 2, 2013

New on LLRX – Will Data Analytics Allow Us to “Do Less Law?”

Via LLRX.comWill Data Analytics Allow Us to “Do Less Law?”

Ron Friedmann is an expert on the legal market, where hardly a day goes by without an article or blog post about alternative fee arrangements (AFA) or delivering more value. Yet both clients and law firms struggle to define value and adopt alternatives to the billable hour, so Ron proposes perhaps the time has come to re-think the question.

New on LLRX – E-Books and the Miami-Dade Library Crisis

Via – E-Books and the Miami-Dade Library Crisis: One Way to Help Thwart the Misers David Rothman makes a case that the time has come for a coherent national strategy to help speed up digitization of library systems like Miami’s and use the efficiencies of e-books and other digital items to squeeze more out… Continue Reading

NYT – Drug Agents Use Vast Phone Trove, Eclipsing N.S.A.’s

Scott Shane and Colin Moynihan: “For at least six years, law enforcement officials working on a counternarcotics program have had routine access, using subpoenas, to an enormous AT&T database that contains the records of decades of Americans’ phone calls — parallel to but covering a far longer time than the National Security Agency’s hotly disputed collection of phone… Continue Reading

CRS – National Security Strategy

National Security Strategy: Mandates, Execution to Date, and Issues for Congress. Catherine Dale, Specialist in International Security. August 6, 2013 “Strategy – together with decision-making, planning and execution, budgeting, and congressional oversight – is a critical component of U.S. government thinking and practice in the arena of national security. In theory, effective national security strategy-making… Continue Reading

CRS – The National Nanotechnology Initiative

The National Nanotechnology Initiative: Overview, Reauthorization, and Appropriations Issues. John F. Sargent Jr., Specialist in Science and Technology Policy, August 9, 2013 “Nanotechnology – a term encompassing the science, engineering, and applications of submicron materials—involves the harnessing of unique physical, chemical, and biological properties of nanoscale substances in fundamentally new and useful ways. The economic… Continue Reading

Bee Health: Background and Issues for Congress

CRS – Bee Health: Background and Issues for Congress.  Renée Johnson, Specialist in Agricultural Policy; M. Lynne Corn, Specialist in Natural Resources Policy. August 27, 2013 “Bees, both commercially managed honey bees and wild bees, play an important role in global food production. In the United States alone, the value of insect pollination to U.S.… Continue Reading

Searching for a better way to cover a campaign

Did Twitter Kill the Boys on the Bus? Searching for a better way to cover a campaign. By Peter Hamby, Shorenstein Center Fellow, Spring 2013. CNN Political Reporter.Research Assistant: Karly Schledwitz. Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy Discussion Paper Series #D-80, September 2013. “This paper will examine the merits of being… Continue Reading

Australia – The Coalition’s Policy for E-Gov and Digital Economy

The Coalition’s Policy for E-Government and the Digital Economy, August 2013 “One of the Coalition’s core principles is a preference for markets, because markets typically produce better outcomes than governments. But government can play a valuable leadership role in the economy, particularly in periods of structural change. If elected, a Coalition government intends to play… Continue Reading