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Daily Archives: September 15, 2013

New on LLRX – The DPLA and the risks of gentrifying America’s public libraries

Via LLRX –  The DPLA and the risks of gentrifying America’s public libraries

David Rothman’s commentary proposes that the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) should turn itself into the Digital Academic Library of America or something similar while encouraging public libraries to establish their own system, ideally through COSLA, a group of state library administrators. Both systems could share not just content but also a common catalog for patrons wanting it, an infrastructure and technical services organization, and overlapping board members—while hewing to the systems’ respective priorities.

New on LLRX – Mandatory Facebook login for users trying to gain access to a third-party service

Mandatory Facebook login for users trying to gain access to a third-party service Professor Annemarie Bridy challenges the increasingly common use of mandatory Facebook login for Internet users trying to gain access to a third-party service – including posting comments to news stories, as well as viewing white papers, studies, reports and other documents. Continue Reading

Framework for Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons

Secretary of State Kerry – Press Releases: September 2013 » Framework for Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons September 14, 2013 “Taking into account the decision of the Syrian Arab Republic to accede to the Chemical Weapons Convention and the commitment of the Syrian authorities to provisionally apply the Convention prior to its entry into force,… Continue Reading

CRS – China’s Economic Rise

China’s Economic Rise: History, Trends, Challenges, and Implications for the United States. Wayne M. Morrison, Specialist in Asian Trade and Finance, September 5, 2013 “Prior to the initiation of economic reforms and trade liberalization 34 years ago, China maintained policies that kept the economy very poor, stagnant, centrally controlled, vastly inefficient, and relatively isolated from… Continue Reading

International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications 2013

PDFs for papers, posters, special sessions, tutorials and workshops Metadata principles, guidelines, and best practices Metadata quality (methods, tools, and practices) Conceptual models and frameworks (e.g., RDF, DCAM, OAIS) Application profiles Metadata generation (methods, tools, and practices) Metadata interoperability across domains, languages, time, structures, and scales Cross-domain metadata uses (e.g., recordkeeping, preservation, curation, institutional repositories,… Continue Reading

Climate Change and Existing Law: A Survey of Legal Issues Past, Present, and Future

CRS – Climate Change and Existing Law: A Survey of Legal Issues Past, Present, and Future, Robert Meltz, Legislative Attorney, August 28, 2013 “This report surveys existing law for legal issues that have arisen, or may arise in the future, on account of climate change and government responses thereto. At the threshold of many climate-change-related… Continue Reading

CRS: Immigration-Related Worksite Enforcement: Performance Measures

Immigration-Related Worksite Enforcement: Performance Measures, Andorra Bruno, Specialist in Immigration Policy, August 7, 2013 “In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued new guidance on immigration related worksite enforcement. Under the guidelines, DHS “will use all available civil and administrative tools, including civil fines and debarment, to penalize and deter illegal employment.” According to… Continue Reading

HomeTruths: Domestic Workers in California

“Domestic workers play a significant role in the California economy, yet these workers are vulnerable to substandard  employment because their work is both invisible and largely excluded from employment protections. Nannies, caregivers,  and housecleaners, hired directly by their employers, are not subject to a range of protections that apply to other workers. They are excluded from… Continue Reading

Report – Nearly Half of U.S. Jobs Are Vulnerable to Computerization

MIT Technology Review: “Rapid advances in technology have long represented a serious potential threat to many jobs ordinarily performed by people. A recent report (which is not online, but summarized here) from the Oxford Martin School’s Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology attempts to quantify the extent of that threat. It concludes that 45… Continue Reading

Center for Public Integrity: three-part series on what has happened since the meltdown

“In the fall of 2008, the U.S. economy nearly collapsed thanks to an unprecedented wave of mortgage foreclosures. In “After the Meltdown — Where are they now?” the Center for Public Integrity revisits the subprime lenders, Wall Street banks and government regulators that were most responsible for the crash — and finds few if any… Continue Reading