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Daily Archives: September 24, 2013

Women, Business and the Law 2014: Removing Restrictions to Enhance Gender Equality

“A new World Bank and IFC report finds legal and regulatory barriers to women’s economic inclusion have decreased over the past 50 years globally, but many laws still hinder women’s participation in the economy. Laws restricting women’s economic activity are currently most prevalent in the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The third in a series, Women, Business and the Law 2014: Removing Restrictions to Enhance Gender Equality monitors regulations affecting women entrepreneurs and employees in 143 economies. This edition highlights reforms carried out over the past two years, examines the evolution of women’s property rights and legal decision making ability since 1960 and expands coverage to examine legal protections addressing violence against women…This report finds 44 economies have made 48 legal changes, thus increasing women’s economic opportunities over the past two years. Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, the Philippines and the Slovak Republic had the most reforms. Among the reforms, husbands can no longer unilaterally stop their wives from working in Côte d’Ivoire and Mali, the Philippines has lifted restrictions on night work for women, and the Slovak Republic increased the percentage of wages paid during maternity leave.”

Federal Reserve Board issues interim final rules clarifying how companies should incorporate Basel III reforms into capital and business projections

News release: “The Federal Reserve Board on Tuesday issued two interim final rules that clarify how companies should incorporate the Basel III regulatory capital reforms into their capital and business projections during the next cycle of capital plan submissions and stress tests. Rules to implement the Basel III capital reforms in the United States were… Continue Reading

New Census Data Underscore Metro Poverty’s Persistence in 2012

Brookings – Elizabeth Kneebone and Jane Williams – “The release of the 2012 American Community Survey (ACS) census data on poverty and income underscores the effects of a sluggish recovery that has played out unevenly across the nation’s major metropolitan economies and, even amid improving employment numbers, has left millions of Americans behind. Using ACS data on individuals living… Continue Reading

Senators Call for Public Report by IC Inspector General on NSA Surveillance

“A bipartisan group of Senators, including the Chairman and Ranking Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, have called for a full-scale review of the use of surveillance authorities by the intelligence community. The Senators emphasized that the findings and conclusions of this review be made public to “help promote greater oversight, transparency, and public accountability.”… Continue Reading

A brief guide to discovering open access journals and articles on ScienceDirect

News release: “At Elsevier, we have been busy scaling our open-access publishing program; we now publish 56 open-access journals and host a further 91 on behalf of our society and publishing partners. However, you may not know how to navigate to these journals and articles. Here are some tips to help you find this content… Continue Reading

Professionalizing the Nation’s Cybersecurity Workforce? Criteria for Decision-Making

“This report examines workforce requirements for cybersecurity and the segments and job functions in which professionalization is most needed; the role of assessment tools, certification, licensing, and other means for assessing and enhancing professionalization; and emerging approaches, such as performance-based measures. It also examines requirements for the federal (military and civilian) workforce, the private sector,… Continue Reading

UK – Protecting Vulnerable Data Subjects

Protecting Vulnerable Data Subjects: Findings from a Survey of EU Data Protection Officials on the Use of Cloud Services in Organisations – September 23, 2013 “The use of commercial cloud services by public organisations in Europe is growing. While the benefits of cloud computing are indisputable, the public sector contains certain particularly sensitive or vulnerable… Continue Reading

4 steps to getting covered in the Health Insurance Marketplace

“Starting October 1, 2013, you can enroll in health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. The Marketplace allows you to compare your options and find the one that best fits your needs and budget. Coverage goes into effect as early as January 1, 2014. Learn 4 steps to getting coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.”… Continue Reading

Explore the world’s constitutions with a new online tool

Official Google Blog: “Constitutions are as unique as the people they govern, and have been around in one form or another for millennia. But did you know that every year approximately five new constitutions are written, and 20-30 are amended or revised? Or that Africa has the youngest set of constitutions, with 19 out of… Continue Reading