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Daily Archives: June 1, 2014

Leveraging Market Power Through Tying and Bundling: Does Google Behave Anti-Competitively?

Benjamin Edelman, HBS Working Paper Number: 14-112. May 2014. Via SSRN –

“This paper presents a series of incidents in which Google used tying and bundling to expand its dominance in a number of online markets and into additional markets. The author assesses whether these incidents raise concerns under antitrust law, and concludes that they do. Based on case law of technology companies that have engaged in tying and/or bundling and subsequently been subject to antitrust scrutiny, most notably Microsoft, it appears that Google’s tying and bundling practices could face strong criticism for foreclosing competition. Such scrutiny is particularly important in light of Google’s dominance in a number of online markets. The author also examines both current ties as well as ties Google used historically. The author concludes that Google’s use of tying portends a future of reduced choice, slower innovation, lower quality, and higher prices. Key concepts include:

  • Google’s strategic use of tying and bundling has allowed it to expand its dominance to numerous sectors adjacent to its current strongholds.
  • By tying its new products to its dominant products, Google can effectively compel use of its new products-even if consumers or advertisers prefer alternatives.
  • Google appears to impose rules that are significantly more intrusive than prior Microsoft requirements.”

Business Adapts to a New Style of Computer

Are companies ready for billions of everyday objects to join the Internet? MIT Technology Review – Antonio Regalado on May 20, 2014. “The Internet of things is especially important for companies that sell network equipment, like Cisco Systems. Cisco has been enthusiastically predicting that 50 billion “things” could be connected to communications networks within six years, up from… Continue Reading

UN Member States on the Record

“This site is about UN Documents related to UN Member States. It provides links to selected UN databases, websites, and other information resources, in order to make the record of Member States’ activities at the UN more accessible. Information available for each Member State includes: the key documents related to its membership in the UN; statements made before the principal organs; draft resolutions sponsored; periodic reports… Continue Reading

Catching Up To College and Career Readines – Report

Via ACT – Catching Up to College and Career Readiness: The Challenge Is Greater for At-Risk Students – May 2014 “Educators and policymakers have set a goal that all students graduate from high school ready for college and careers. As a nation, however, we are falling short of achieving this goal, particularly for students from at-risk groups.… Continue Reading

Find out if your Internet service provider plays YouTube in HD

Via YouTube Official Blog – “Nothing ruins the experience of watching a YouTube video like Magic of Rahat more than seeing the dreaded buffering wheel, which is why we’re always working to make videos play smoothly in the best quality possible. And when you can’t see what you want, when you want, it’s important you know why. Starting… Continue Reading

Social Media #FTW!: The Influence of Social Media on American Politics

Via LLRX – Thesis submitted to Johns Hopkins University in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Government by Kenneth Scott Ames Social Media #FTW!: The Influence of Social Media on American Politics – Abstract: “Social media has transformed politics in America. Its effect has impacted the way candidates campaign for the presidency, Members of Congress… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – World leading online privacy law library gets big increase in capacity

Via LLRX – World leading online privacy law library gets big increase in capacity The International Privacy Law Library on WorldLII has been expanded. The Library’s 32 databases include about 3,600 decisions of 13 privacy and data protection authorities, from New Zealand, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, Macau, Mauritius, the United States and… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Why the DPLA should focus on being a stellar ACADEMIC library

Via LLRX – Why the DPLA should focus on being a stellar ACADEMIC library: Check out these statistics David Rothman acknowledges the attributes of the expanding DPLA program but highlights that it is lacking key components to make it a truly comprehensive academic digital library, including collection and business strategies. Rothman states that “DPLAers” keep insisting that… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Gates Global Libraries Program is Winding Down

Via LLRX – Gates Global Libraries Program is Winding Down: Time for a National Digital library Endowment to Fill the Vacuum David Rothman informs us that out of several billion a year in grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, just tens of millions go for public libraries in the U.S. and overseas. But as all… Continue Reading