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Daily Archives: June 9, 2014

UK – When is CCTV covered by the Data Protection Act?

Most uses of CCTV will be covered by the Data Protection Act. This gives you the right to see information held about you, including CCTV images of you, or images which give away information about you (such as your car number plate). The Data Protection Act sets rules which CCTV operators must follow when they gather, store and release CCTV images of individuals. The Information Commissioner can enforce these rules. You can see our advice to operators in our CCTV code of practice (pdf). Some uses of CCTV are not covered by the Data Protection Act; for example, the use of cameras for limited household purposes (such as to protect a home from burglary) – even if the camera overlooks the street (for more information on this, see our FAQ). If you are concerned that CCTV is being used for harassment, anti social behaviour or other matters dealt with under the criminal law, then these are matters for the police. Images taken for recreation, such as on mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders, are also exempt from the Act. Law enforcement covert surveillance activities are covered by a separate Act – the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000 and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Scotland) Act (RIPSA) 2000.”

New York: Expanding Time, Increasing Opportunities for Achievement

Tiffany D. Miller’s report – “New York is poised to take an important step to improve student achievement by expanding learning time for students attending high-poverty, low-performing schools. Recent district- and state-level investments in expanded learning time—a promising strategy to close achievement and opportunity gaps—will give students more time to learn core academics but not… Continue Reading

FDIC Announces Improvements to Deposit Insurance Education Materials

“The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) today announced significant new improvements to the deposit insurance education materials available on the FDIC’s website, The enhancements are designed to improve the accessibility and presentation of deposit insurance information for the general public through organizational changes as well as through the expanded use of explanatory videos and interactive… Continue Reading

Monthly Budget Review for May 2014

“The federal government ran a budget deficit of $439 billion for the first eight months of fiscal year 2014, CBO estimates—$188 billion less than the shortfall recorded over the same span last year and the smallest deficit for those months since fiscal year 2008. Compared with the amounts at this point last year, revenues were… Continue Reading

‘When Worlds Collide’: Navigating the Minefield of Social Media

[email protected] Wharton: “Social media has made it possible to share the details of our lives — both intimate and minute — quickly and easily. But with that convenience comes a host of dangers as people’s personal and professional lives, and public and private personas, converge. In “When Worlds Collide in Cyberspace: How Boundary Work in Online… Continue Reading

It’s 2014, and the Picture Has Changed for Working Dads. Here’s How

“Our work force — and families — look different than ever before. Like moms, many dads don’t have access to paid leave or flexible workplaces. And it’s harder than ever for them to balance work and family. Take a look at what that looks like, and then share this if you learned something new.” Continue Reading

Corporate Governance and Prudential Regulation

Speech by Governor Daniel K. Tarullo – Member, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve SystemAt the Association of American Law Schools 2014 Midyear Meeting, Washington, D.C. June 9, 2014. “In my remarks this afternoon I will try to further the collaboration between corporate and financial law scholarship by suggesting how the nature of finance and financial regulation affects corporate… Continue Reading

2014 Trustwave Global Security Report

“The 2014 Trustwave Global Security Report is back for another year,…and we again lean on hard evidence gathered from hundreds of data breach investigations conducted last year – 691 to be exact, spread across industries and the world – as well as threat intelligence gathered from our products and security operations centers. Using that evidence,… Continue Reading

Pew – What kind of library user are you?

“Are you a “Library Lover”? An “Information Omnivore”? Or are you totally “Off the Grid”? Take our library engagement quiz to learn how your library habits and attitudes stack up against the general population. This quiz is a condensed version of the questions asked in our nationally representative survey of 6,224 Americans ages 16 and older… Continue Reading

Revolving Door and Worker Flows in Banking Regulation

Federal Reserve Bank of New York – David Lucca, Amit Seru, and Francesco Trebbi “Drawing on a large sample of publicly available curricula vitae, this paper traces the career transitions of federal and state U.S. banking regulators and provides basic facts on worker flows between the regulatory and private sectors resulting from the revolving door. We find strong countercyclical… Continue Reading

New GAO Reports – Defense HQ, DOE, STEM

DEFENSE HEADQUARTERS: Guidance Needed to Transition U.S. Central Command’s Costs to the Base Budget, GAO-14-440: Published: Jun 9, 2014. Publicly Released: Jun 9, 2014. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY: Enhanced Transparency Could Clarify Costs, Market Impact, Risk, and Legal Authority to Conduct Future Uranium Transactions, GAO-14-291: Published: May 9, 2014. Publicly Released: Jun 9, 2014. MILITARY SEXUAL TRAUMA: Improvements Made, but VA Can Do… Continue Reading