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Daily Archives: June 29, 2014

Ebooks v paper – An Essay

Julian Baggini, Financial Times – [snipped] “E-reading is certainly on the rise. The Pew Research Center reports that, as recently as 2010, hardly anyone in the US had an e-reader or tablet. Now half do. The proportion of the population who have read an ebook in the past year rose from 17 per cent in 2011 to 28 per cent just three years later. In the UK, figures from Nielsen, which monitors book sales, showed that one in four consumer titles bought in 2013 was an ebook, up from one in five a year earlier. Is this cause for concern? There is some evidence that reading on screen can result in less comprehension and even affect sleep patterns. But the research here is complex and inconclusive and, in any case, it is actually doing something far more interesting than telling us which medium is superior. It’s making us think more about what it means to read. As researchers examine the differences reading in different media make, they are also having to distinguish carefully between the different things that we do when we read. Take, for instance, the difference between “deep reading”, when you really get immersed in a text, and “active learning”, when you make notes in margins or put down the book to cross-reference with something else.”



84th BIS Annual Report, 2013/2014

“A new policy compass is needed to help the global economy step out of the shadow of the Great Financial Crisis. This will involve adjustments to the current policy mix and to policy frameworks with the aim of restoring sustainable and balanced economic growth. The global economy has shown encouraging signs over the past year but… Continue Reading

Principles for effective supervisory colleges

“The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has today issued final Principles for effective supervisory colleges. The guidelines replace the Good practice principles on supervisory colleges, which the Committee published in October 2010 with a commitment to revise them after a period of practical implementation experience Supervisory colleges play an important role in the effective supervision of international banking… Continue Reading

Taming the Locusts? Embattled Hedge Funds in the E.U.

Seretakis, Alexandros, Taming the Locusts? Embattled Hedge Funds in the E.U. (2013). New York University Journal of Law and Business, Vol. 10, No. 1, 2013. Available for download at SSRN: “The recent financial crisis and the ongoing sovereign debt crisis have put the spotlight on the traditionally secretive and opaque hedge fund industry. Widespread financial… Continue Reading

Climate-Smart Development: Adding Up the Benefits of Actions that Help Build Prosperity

“This report describes efforts by the ClimateWorks Foundation and the World Bank to quantify the multiple economic, social, and environmental benefits associated with policies and projects to reduce emissions in select sectors and regions. The report has three objectives: 1) to develop a holistic, adaptable framework to capture and measure the multiple benefits of reducing… Continue Reading

Nature’s Dying Migrant Worker

The past few decades of farm economics have created a system in which one-third of the food on our plate now relies on just one pollinator — the honeybee. And it’s dying.  Story by Josephine Marcotty – Photos and videos by Renée Jones Schneider. “A rush of recent research points to a complex triangle of causes:… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Fourteen LinkedIn Tips for (the Rest of) 2014

Via – Fourteen LinkedIn Tips for (the Rest of) 2014 With over 300 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for business and professional use, and attorneys Dennis Kennedy and Allison C. Shields clearly and concisely outline how to leverage this space with smart, targeted and effective ways that positively identify you in communities of best… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Comforting Witnesses, Discomforting Due Process

Via – Comforting Witnesses, Discomforting Due Process “Many of us are aware of, and have had contact with various types of therapy dogs, in places that range from the workplace to our public transportation systems. But we may not be aware of the growing use and integration into the legal system of therapeutic “comfort dogs”… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – National Digital Library Endowment Plan Makes New York Times of Philanthropy

Via – National Digital Library Endowment Plan Makes New York Times of Philanthropy – David Rothman encourages Librarians and friends to think like Willie Sutton, who supposedly said he robbed banks because “That’s where the money is.” Rothman is quick to say the quote in fact is iffy, but he wants us to focus on the logic behind… Continue Reading

Houston, We Have A Public Domain Problem – Commentary

Parker Higgins is an activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation: “I received a bogus copyright takedown notice for using public domain audio on SoundCloud yesterday. The sound in question—the famous “Houston, we have a problem” snippet of the Apollo 13 mission—is incontrovertibly available to all, for any use, without copyright restrictions. The fact that it’s… Continue Reading