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Daily Archives: November 2, 2013

New GAO Reports – Central America, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Biomedical Research, Personnel Security Clearances

  •  Central America – U.S. Agencies Considered Various Factors in Funding Security Activities, but Need to Assess Progress in Achieving Interagency Objectives, GAO-13-771, Sep 25, 2013
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems – Vehicle-to-Vehicle Technologies Expected to Offer Safety Benefits, but a Variety of Deployment Challenges Exist, GAO-14-13, Nov 1, 2013
  • Biomedical Research – NIH Should Assess the Impact of Growth in Indirect Costs on Its Mission, GAO-13-760, Sep 24, 2013
  • Personnel Security Clearances – Full Development and Implementation of Metrics Needed to Measure Quality of Process, GAO-14-157T, Oct 31, 2013

Waste Lands – America’s forgotten nuclear legacy “During the build-up to the Cold War, the U.S. government called upon hundreds of factories and research centers to help develop nuclear weapons and other forms of atomic energy. At many sites, this work left behind residual radioactive contamination requiring government cleanups, some of which are still going on. The Department of Energy says… Continue Reading and the Inevitably Digital Future of American Governance

It’s remarkable how inexperienced Washington is when it comes to developing complicated technology unrelated to national defense. by Zachary Karabell “It’s safe to say that Congress has never before passed a federal law whose primary mode of delivery is a web portal that will be used by tens of millions of people. And not just… Continue Reading

The Risk of Putting Our Knowledge in the Hands of Machines

Nicholas Carr – We rely on computers to fly our planes, find our cancers, design our buildings, audit our businesses. That’s all well and good. But what happens when the computer fails? “The experience of airlines should give us pause. It reveals that automation, for all its benefits, can take a toll on the performance… Continue Reading

The New Yorker Cover on Heathecare depicts obsolete tech as metaphor

Via The New Yorker” “When I heard that the troubled Obamacare Web site was built by a Canadian company, of course I felt personally responsible,” says the Montreal-born Barry Blitt, who drew next week’s cover, Reboot. “I’ll be happy when the glitches are all worked out and everything’s running smoothly, so I can put this… Continue Reading