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Daily Archives: November 7, 2013

2013 Survey of Americans on U.S. Role in Global Health

“The Kaiser Family Foundation 2013 Survey of Americans on the U.S. Role in Global Health is the fifth in a series of surveys designed, conducted, and analyzed by the Kaiser Family Foundation in order to shed light on the American public’s perceptions, knowledge, and attitudes about the role of the United States in efforts to improve health for people in developing countries. This latest survey updates trends from Kaiser’s previous surveys dating back to 2009, and explores new questions including the public’s perception of the “bang for the buck” of U.S. aid and its ability to promote self-sufficiency in developing countries, views of spending reductions in the context of the federal budget deficit, and more detail on people’s sources of information, including how much news they report hearing about specific global health issues. For the first time, the survey also includes some more detailed questions on perceptions and awareness of polio.”

Senate Intelligence Committee Approves FISA Improvements Act

Increases privacy protections, oversight, transparency of critical intelligence programs: The Senate Intelligence Committee [October 31, 2013] approved the FISA Improvements Act by a vote of 11-4. The bipartisan legislation increases privacy protections and public transparency of the National Security Agency call-records program in several ways, while preserving the operational effectiveness and flexibility of this vital… Continue Reading

New GAO Reports – Sequestration, Corporate Tax Expenditures, Defense Health Care Reform, GPS Disruptions, Info Tech, Transportation Disadvantaged Populations, Private Pensions

SEQUESTRATION – Observations on the Department of Defense’s Approach in Fiscal Year 2013, GAO-14-177R, Nov 7, 2013 CORPORATE TAX EXPENDITURES – Evaluations of Tax Deferrals and Graduated Tax Rates, GAO-13-789, Sep 16, 2013 DEFENSE HEALTH CARE REFORM – Additional Implementation Details Would Increase Transparency of DOD’s Plans and Enhance Accountability, GAO-14-49, Nov 6, 2013 GPS DISRUPTIONS – Efforts to Assess Risks to… Continue Reading

IRS Case Processing Delays and Tax Account Errors Increased Hardship for Victims of ID Theft

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration: Case Processing Delays and Tax Account Errors Increased Hardship for Victims of Identity Theft – September 26, 2013, Reference Number: 2013-40-129. “It took the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) an average of 312 days to resolve tax-related identity theft cases, according to a new report released by the Treasury Inspector… Continue Reading

Commentary explores the historical roots of regional gun violence in America

The Battle Lines of Today’s Debates Over Gun Control, Stand-Your-Ground Laws, and Other Violence-Related Issues Were Drawn Centuries Ago by America’s Early Settlers, by Colin Woodard, Tufts Magazine Fall 2013. “…Our death rate from assault is many times higher than that of most other countries, whether highly urbanized or sparsely populated. State-sponsored violence, too—in the… Continue Reading

Report – Impacts and Costs of the Government Shutdown

“As the President has said, the shutdown that occurred last month inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy and took a toll on families and businesses across the country. Today, OMB is releasing a report that catalogs the breadth and depth of this damage, and details the various impacts and costs of the October 2013… Continue Reading

National Security Archive Posts Able Archer 83 Sourcebook

The Able Archer 83 Sourcebook: “Today marks the 30th anniversary of the beginning of Able Archer 83, a NATO exercise that utilized “new nuclear weapons release procedures” to simulate the transition from conventional to nuclear war with the Soviet Union.  Although US officials saw Able Archer 83 as a routine exercise, it resulted in an “unprecedented Soviet… Continue Reading

CRS – Promoting Global Internet Freedom: Policy and Technology

Promoting Global Internet Freedom: Policy and Technology – Patricia Moloney Figliola, Specialist in Internet and Telecommunications Policy – October 22, 2013 “Modern communication tools such as the Internet provide a relatively inexpensive, accessible, easy-entry means of sharing ideas, information, and pictures around the world. In a political and human rights context, in closed societies when the more established, formal… Continue Reading