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Daily Archives: November 1, 2013

The Zen of Web Discovery

The Zen of Web Discovery by John Hubbard, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, 10-1-2013

“Many libraries have revitalized their role by offering an updated resource discovery layer. This article gives an informal overview of design principles and best practices for implementing a web-scale discovery system. Emphasis is placed on the proper service philosophy of supporting a new technology, with open communications and evidence-based customization.”

Report on U.S. Portfolio Holdings of Foreign Securities at End-Year 2012

News release – includes data: “The findings from the annual survey of U.S. portfolio holdings of foreign securities at year-end 2012 were released today and posted on the Treasury web site here. The survey was undertaken jointly by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Board of… Continue Reading

Finance and Economics Discussion Series – Payday Lending Regulation

Payday Lending Regulation  – Alex Kaufman, September 2013 “To date the debate over payday lending has focused on whether access to such lending is on net beneficial or harmful to consumer welfare. However, payday loans are not one product but many, and different forms of lending may have different welfare implications. The current diversity in… Continue Reading

UK Guardian’s interactive interviews, charts open the debate on NSA surveillance

NSA Files Decoded – Edward Snowden’s surveillance revelations explained – By EWEN MACASKILL and GABRIEL DANCE – Produced by FEILDING CAGE and GREG CHEN “When Edward Snowden met journalists in his cramped room in Hong Kong’s Mira hotel in June, his mission was ambitious. Amid the clutter of laundry, meal trays and his four laptops,… Continue Reading

Federal Reserve Board releases supervisory scenarios and instructions for 2014 capital planning and stress testing

“The Federal Reserve Board on Friday issued the supervisory scenarios that will be used in the 2014 capital planning and stress testing program, as well as instructions to firms with timelines for submissions.  The program includes the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) of 30 bank holding companies with $50 billion or more of total… Continue Reading

New and Updated Resources Look at the Uninsured and the Affordable Care Act

“The Kaiser Family Foundation has updated two resources on health coverage and the uninsured and created a new interactive feature that highlights several segments of the uninsured population and how they are likely to be affected by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Uninsured: A Primer – Key Facts about Health Insurance on the Eve… Continue Reading

401(k) Participants in the Wake of the Financial Crisis

“The annual EBRI/ICI 401(k) database update report is based on large cross-sections of 401(k) plan participants. Whereas the cross-sections cover participants with a wide range of participation experience in 401(k) plans, meaningful analysis of the potential for 401(k) participants to accumulate retirement assets must examine how a consistent group of participants’ accounts change over time.… Continue Reading