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Daily Archives: November 23, 2013

EFF – Encrypt the Web Report: Who’s Doing What

EFF: “We’ve asked the companies in our Who Has Your Back Program what they are doing to bolster encryption in light of the NSA’s unlawful surveillance of your communications. We’re pleased to see that four companies—Dropbox, Google, SpiderOak and—are implementing five out of five of our best practices for encryption. In addition, we appreciate that Yahoo! just announced several measures it plans to take to increase encryption, including the very critical encryption of data center links, and that Twitter has confirmed that it has encryption of data center links in progress. See the infographic.

By adopting these practices, described below, these service providers have taken a critical step towards protecting their users from warrantless seizure of their information off of fiber-optic cables. By enabling encryption across their networks, service providers can make backdoor surveillance more challenging, requiring the government to go to courts and use legal process. While Lavabit’s travails have shown how difficult that can be for service providers, at least there was the opportunity to fight back in court.

While not every company in our survey has implemented every recommendation, each step taken helps, and we appreciate those who have worked to strengthen their security. We hope that every online service provider adopts these best practices and continues to work to protect their networks and their users.”


Analytic Culture in the US Intelligence Community: An Ethnographic Study

Analytic Culture in the US Intelligence Community: An Ethnographic Study, by Dr. Rob Johnson. ISBN 1-929667-13-2. Center for the Study of Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency, 2005   Continue Reading

NYT – N.S.A. Report Outlined Goals for More Power

N.S.A. Report Outlined Goals for More Power By JAMES RISEN and LAURA POITRAS “Officials at the National Security Agency, intent on maintaining its dominance in intelligence collection, pledged last year to push to expand its surveillance powers, according to a top-secret strategy document. In a February 2012 paper laying out the four-year strategy for the N.S.A.’s… Continue Reading

Pew – JFK’s America

“As America marks the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s death, his life, family, strengths and weakness have been pored over in recent weeks, but little has been said about how the public viewed the country during the Kennedy years.  The Gallup polls of that period illustrate how different a time this was. The mood of… Continue Reading

Civil Society Groups and Tech Companies Call for Significant Reform to U.S. Surveillance Practices

“On November 21, 2013, the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), on behalf of a broad coalition of civil society groups, trade associations, companies and investors, delivered this letter to Congressional leadership that called on Congress to reform U.S. intelligence surveillance practices. Signatories urged Congress to limit the scope of surveillance practices, reject bulk collection,… Continue Reading

Measuring the Web’s Global Impact

“What is the Web Index? Designed and produced by the World Wide Web Foundation, the Web Index is the world’s first multi-dimensional measure of the Web’s growth, utility and impact on people and nations. The Web Index launched in 2012, and the 2013 index has been enlarged to include 20 new countries. It features an expanded… Continue Reading

BBC – Tim Berners-Lee says ‘surveillance threatens web’

“The warning came as he launched his World Wide Web Foundation’s annual web index report, tracking global censorship. It suggests that 94% of the countries in the index do not adequately monitor government internet interception. Thirty per cent of countries block or filter political content, it indicates. The report concludes that the current legal framework on government snooping… Continue Reading