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Daily Archives: January 1, 2014

Law firms look for an edge in leveraging big data with innovative applications

: “The legal profession has undergone a lot of unpleasant changes since the Great Recession struck in 2008. New data-analysis technologies and a new approach to thinking about data could help firms operate leaner, meaner and better.”

2012 Edition of AAA’s Your Driving Costs brochure

“AAA has published ‘Your Driving Costs’ since 1950. That year, driving a car 10,000 miles per year cost 9 cents per mile, and gasoline sold for 27 cents per gallon. Clearly, that is no longer the case. In 2012 the average costs rose 1.1 cents per mile to 59.6 cents per mile, or $8,946 per… Continue Reading

Digest of Education Statistics, 2012

“The 48th in a series of publications initiated in 1962, the Digest’s purpose is to provide a compilation of statistical information covering the broad field of education from prekindergarten through graduate school. The Digest contains data on a variety of topics, including the number of schools and colleges, teachers, enrollments, and graduates, in addition to… Continue Reading

Court Rules in copyright case involving literary figures, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson

Via the blog – Free Sherlock! Holmes belongs to the world: “On Monday, December 23, 2013, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois ruled on the plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment against the Conan Doyle Estate in a case involving the literary figures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. The Court’s ruling states,… Continue Reading

Digital Collections – National Library of Medicine’s free online archive

“Digital Collections is the National Library of Medicine’s free online archive of biomedical books and videos. All of the content in Digital Collections is freely available worldwide and, unless otherwise indicated, in the public domain. Digital Collections provides unique access to NLM’s rich, historical resources…The majority of the texts within Digital Collections were digitized at NLM… Continue Reading

Spatial Panel Data Models with Common Shocks

Spatial Panel Data Models with Common Shocks. Jushan Bai, Columbia University; Kunpeng Li, Capital University of Economics and Business, December 2013. “Spatial effects and common-shocks effects are of increasing empirical importance. Each type of effects has been analyzed separately in a growing literature. This paper considers a joint modeling of both types of effects. Joint modeling allows… Continue Reading

Determining the Preemptive Effect of Federal Law on State Statutes of Repose

Determining the Preemptive Effect of Federal Law on State Statutes of Repose, Adam Bain. December 31, University of Baltimore Law Review Forthcoming. “Statutes of repose can prevent causes of actions from arising or being enforced after a given period of time has elapsed from a defined event. In recent years, courts applying the doctrine of federal preemption… Continue Reading

Spiegel Online – Art Dealer to the Führer: Hildebrand Gurlitt’s Deep Nazi Ties

Hildebrand Gurlitt, the man who assembled the astounding art collection recently discovered in a Munich apartment, was more deeply involved in the trade of looted artworks than had been previously assumed. He also profited from Nazi injustices after the war. “Now, almost 70 years later, what the Monuments Men discovered at Aschbach Castle in May… Continue Reading

MIT – Report On the State of Health and Urbanism

“A newly published research report from MIT’s Center for Advanced Urbanism (CAU) highlights the complexity of the issue. Produced in collaboration with the American Institute of Architects, the document examines an array of public health matters in eight major metropolitan areas in the United States, and suggests a wide array of possible remedies, from better… Continue Reading

Enrollment in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2012

Enrollment in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2012; Financial Statistics, Fiscal Year 2012; Graduation Rates, Selected Cohorts, 2004-2009; and Employees in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2012: First Look (Provisional Data) – December 31, 2013. “This provisional First Look report includes fully edited and imputed data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) spring 2013 data collection, which included… Continue Reading