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Daily Archives: January 10, 2014

Rebalancing the Global economy

The Lauder Global Business Insight Report 2014 – Rebalancing the Global Economy

“In this special report, students from the Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management & International Studies examine current trends and recent developments shaping today’s global marketplace. The articles cover a wide variety of topics ranging from technology, innovation and brand building to infrastructure, entrepreneurship and social impact. A section on consumer markets looks at the popularity of e-cigarettes in France and elsewhere, efforts by Japanese firms to expand their businesses into Asia, new trends in French gastronomy, changes in Japan’s traditional food-consumption habits, and how a sector of the Chinese population is spreading, and spending, its newfound wealth. The report offers an analysis linking market-driven strategies with social impact in Peru and Colombia, as well as an article describing South Carolina’s embrace of innovative research. Other articles look at the Russian government’s attempt to reboot the city of Skolkovo as an innovation hub, the mixed success of innovation efforts in China, and the growing threat of cybercrime to businesses across the world. The challenges of infrastructure and planning are addressed in analyses of transportation in areas of Latin America, deficiencies in Brazil’s infrastructure, and real estate’s impact on Peru’s emerging middle class. Business and politics underpin a number of economic forces, as noted in articles on corruption and protest in India, social unrest in Brazil, the potential of the gemstone tanzanite to help develop Tanzania’s economy, and growing frictions between China and Myanmar. Cities on the move in the global economy are examined in separate articles on Casablanca’s attempt to become an international financial center like Dubai, and Berlin’s goal of becoming a world-class city. Another article showcases Medellín, Colombia, to explain how local government can help cities become more innovative and attract foreign investment. And finally, entrepreneurship continues to flourish around the globe, as described in articles analyzing business creation in France, the unique role of entrepreneurs in China’s economic resurgence, and the challenges that face those trying to start a company in Brazil.”

Paper – The Shooting Cycle – A Study of Mass Shootings in America

The Shooting Cycle – Josh Blackman, South Texas College of Law; Shelby Baird, Yale University, January 5, 2014. Connecticut Law Review, Vol 46, 2014. “The pattern is a painfully familiar one. A gunman opens fire in a public place, killing many innocent victims. After this tragedy, support for gun control surges. With a closing window for reform, politicians and activists quickly… Continue Reading

Office of the Taxpayer Advocate 2013 Annual Report to Congress

“The Annual Report to Congress creates a dialogue at the highest levels of government to address taxpayers’ problems, protect taxpayers’ rights, and ease taxpayers’ burden. The report identifies at least 20 of the most serious problems facing taxpayers and offers recommendations to fix them. Some of the issues, like tax reform and IRS’s need to expand… Continue Reading

New GAO Reports – Medicare Part D, Air Emissions

MEDICARE PART D – CMS Has Implemented Processes to Oversee Plan Finder Pricing Accuracy and Improve Website Usability, GAO-14-143, Jan 10, 2014 AIR EMISSIONS – Status of Regulatory Activities and Permitting on Alaska’s Outer Continental Shelf, GAO-14-187R, Jan 9, 2014     Continue Reading

Agencies Release Public Sections of Resolution Plans

“The Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) on Friday made available the public portions of resolution plans for 116 institutions that submitted plans for the first time in December 2013, the latest group to file resolution plans with the agencies. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act requires that bank… Continue Reading

Report on Status of Federal Telework – Obstacles and Opportunities

Telework Obstacles and Opportunities, Prepared by: Kate Lister & Tom Harnish, CITRIX, August 2013. “Over the last several years telework has driven virtual collaboration and teleconferences which have replaced costly business travel, caused desk assignments to vanish and be replaced with “hoteling” policies, and at-home offices to replace time-consuming commutes.  But, when it comes to Federal agencies, many… Continue Reading

Externalities and Taxation of Supplemental Insurance: A Study of Medicare and Medigap

Externalities and Taxation of Supplemental Insurance: A Study of Medicare and Medigap – Marika Cabral, Neale Mahoney. December 23, 2013. “Most health insurance policies use cost-sharing to reduce excess utilization. The purchase of supplemental insurance can blunt the impact of this cost-sharing, potentially increasing utilization and exerting a negative externality on the primary insurance provider. This paper estimates… Continue Reading