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Daily Archives: January 30, 2014

Report – Risk and Responsibility in a Hyperconnected World

“Many leaders in business, civil society and government realize that for the world’s economy to fully derive the value inherent in technological innovation, a robust, coordinated system of global cyber resilience is essential to effectively mitigate the risk of cyberattacks. This view is beginning to permeate discussions among senior leaders in the private and public sectors, and across different industries, as  concerns related to cyber resilience shift from awareness to action. The critical questions today are: what needs to be done, and how can it be achieved?  Risk and Responsibility in a Hyperconnected World, a joint effort between the  World Economic Forum and McKinsey & Company, assesses the necessary  action areas, and examines the impact of cyberattacks and response readiness.  The report sets these against three alternative scenarios in which economic value from technological innovations is realized or lost depending on models of cyber resilience. It draws on knowledge and opinions derived from a series of interviews, workshops and dialogues with global executives and thought leaders to estimate the potential value to be created through 2020 by technological innovations. It examines the value that could be put at risk if the adoption of such innovations is delayed because more frequent, intense cyberattacks are not met with more robust cyber resilience. Finally, the report draws conclusions from the analysis and research, and offers a 14-point roadmap for collaboration.”

American Community Survey January 2014

“Overview of the American Community Survey (ACS) 2014 Content Review: This document provides the historical context for understanding why we are conducting the ACS 2014 Content Review, the rationale for the rationale for ensuring that only necessary questions are asked of the public, and how the public can participate in this review. Milestones – ACS Content Review… Continue Reading

SIGAR Report Assesses Continued Aid to Afghanistan

Direct Assistance: USAID Has Taken Positive Action to Assess Afghan Ministries’ Ability to Manage Donor Funds, but Concerns Remain, January 2014. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction SIGAR 14-32 Audit Report. “USAID determined it could not rely on the ministries it assessed to manage donor funds without a host of mitigation measures in place and that, under normal… Continue Reading

TRUSTe 2014 US Consumer Confidence Privacy Report

“Privacy concerns are growing with 74% more concerned about their online privacy than a year ago. Despite the constant media coverage of government surveillance programs such as NSA’s PRISM, this is not the main driver of online privacy concerns. People are far more concerned about businesses sharing personal information with other companies and tracking their… Continue Reading

Sentencing Project Releases Report on Smaller Prisons and Sentencing Reform

“The Sentencing Project released two reports that highlight states downsizing prison systems and adopting sentencing policy reforms. Our research documents a three-year trend of prison closings that produced a reduction of 35,000 beds, including six states reducing capacity by 11,000 beds in 2013.” On the Chopping Block 2013 documents state prison closures and attributes the trend… Continue Reading

New GAO Reports – Child Welfare, Homeowners Insurance, Imminet Danger Pay

CHILD WELFARE – Federal Agencies Can Better Support State Efforts to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Abuse by School Personnel, GAO-14-42, Jan 27, 2014 HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE – Multiple Challenges Make Expanding Private Coverage Difficult, GAO-14-179, Jan 30, 2014 IMMINENT DANGER PAY – Actions Needed Regarding Pay Designations in the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility, GAO-14-230R, Jan 30, 2014 Continue Reading

Evaluation of the College Possible Program: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial

Evaluation of the College Possible Program: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial, Christopher Avery. NBER Working Paper No. 19562. October 2013 “This paper reports the results of a randomized trial of the College Possible program, which provides two years of college preparatory work for high school juniors and seniors in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The trial involved 238 students, including… Continue Reading

Decade of War – Enduring Lessons from the Past Decade of Operations

Decade of War- Volume I, Enduring lessons from the past decade of operations. United States. Joint Chiefs of Staff. Joint and Coalition Operational Analysis. “The Joint and Coalition Operational Analysis (JCOA) division reviewed 46 lessons learned studies conducted from 2003 to the present, and synthesized the studies’ 400+ findings, observations, and best practices into the 11… Continue Reading

Report – Enhanced Geothermal Systems

Via Secrecy News: “The potential for new technologies to harvest energy from the Earth’s crust was considered in a new report from the elite JASON science advisory board on Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS).”EGS offers important opportunities for increasing the contribution of geothermal energy to U.S. power production: by a few-fold over the next few years, according to our estimation,… Continue Reading

Women and men in leadership positions in the European Union, 2013

“A new report from the European Commission looks at the number of women in leadership positions in the European Union. While the Commission points to the evidence that more women are reaching top positions, it underlines the fact that more needs to be done to tackle a significant disparity across EU Member States. It says… Continue Reading