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Daily Archives: August 7, 2023

Practical AI for Teachers and Students

Wharton School – 5 Part Course on YouTube for Students and Instructors/Teachers – Description of the Introduction: “In this introduction, Wharton Interactive’s Faculty Director Ethan Mollick and Director of Pedagogy Lilach Mollick provide an overview of how large language models (LLMs) work and explain how this latest generation of models has impacted how we work and how we learn. They also discuss the different types of large language models referenced in their five-part crash course: OpenAI’s ChatGPT4, Microsoft’s Bing in Creative Mode, and Google’s Bard. This video is Part 1 of a five-part course in which Wharton Interactive provides an overview of AI large language models for educators and students. They take a practical approach and explore how the models work, and how to work effectively with each model, weaving in your own expertise. They also show how to use AI to make teaching easier and more effective, with example prompts and guidelines, as well as how students can use AI to improve their learning. Links to sources and prompts”:

Federal and State Courts: Structure and Interaction

CRS Report – Federal and State Courts: Structure and Interaction, August 2, 2023: “In the United States, the federal government and the states each have their own set of laws and their own court systems. Federal and state courts vary in structure, with significant differences between the federal and state judiciaries as well as variation… Continue Reading

MIT Press’s Direct to Open (D2O) achieves second year goal

MIT Press: “With 322 participating libraries and new consortium agreements, the D2O publishing model has now opened access to more than 160 scholarly monographs and edited collections Thanks to the support of libraries participating in Direct to Open (D2O), the MIT Press will publish its full list (see below) of 2023 scholarly monographs and edited… Continue Reading

Tracking Record High Heat in the United States

Center for Data Innovation: “The Pudding created a visualization to explore record-high temperatures in the United States. The country is currently experiencing the hottest summer on record, and this visualization tracks how many days since a city set a record high heat. The visualization shows that cities along the Gulf of Mexico are experiencing an… Continue Reading

Booklash: Literary Freedom, Online Outrage, and the Language of Harm

“In a new report,  Booklash: Literary Freedom, Online Outrage, and the Language of Harm, PEN America warns that social media blowback and societal outrage are imposing new moral litmus tests on books and authors, chilling literary expression and fueling a dangerous trend of self-censorship that is shrinking writers’ creative freedom and imagination. Offering a forceful… Continue Reading

Severance Agreements Requiring Employees to Broadly Waive Labor Law Rights

NLRB [this dates from February 2023]: “The Board issued a decision in McLaren Macomb, returning to longstanding precedent holding that employers may not offer employees severance agreements that require employees to broadly waive their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. The decision involved severance agreements offered to furloughed employees that prohibited them from making… Continue Reading

Zoom May Use Your Calls and Data to Train AI

Cyber Kendra: “…Recently, the popular video conferencing platform, Zoom, brought in a significant change to its terms of service which has sent ripples of worry across its vast user base. With this revision, Zoom has brought under its wing the permission to use users’ data to train Artificial Intelligence (AI). While this has undoubtedly sparked… Continue Reading