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Daily Archives: August 8, 2023

Don’t Do Deals on LinkedIn

Bloomberg – Matt Levine (read free): “The rule, according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, is that if you work at an investment bank or a brokerage firm or an investment adviser, you are allowed to communicate with your colleagues and clients about business on “official channels,” and you are not allowed to communicate with them about business on “unofficial channels.” There are some obvious cases:

  • You are allowed to use your firm’s email system, and Bloomberg messaging, and other electronic communications channels that are approved and monitored and archived by your firm.
  • I guess you are allowed to put a letter in the mail? If you type it in Word on your office computer? Can’t imagine it comes up that often.
  • You are not allowed to message your colleagues or clients about deals by WhatsApp or text message on your personal cell phone.

See also The New York Times – Banks Fined $549 Million Over Use of WhatsApp and Other Messaging Apps. “The penalties add to nearly $2 billion in record-keeping fines last year for the improper policing of employee communications on private messaging services.”

How to Sort of Remove Your Online Presence

How to Geek: “Privacy-focused apps, better browsing practices, and data broker opt-outs are all ways to scrub as much information as possible from the internet. Removing yourself from the internet is difficult, but you can take steps to minimize your online footprint and make it harder for your data to be sold. Opt out of… Continue Reading

Optimism, caution for integration of generative AI into legal profession

Strategic Perspectives CCH July 2023 – Optimism, caution for integration of generative AI into legal profession abound at AALL 2023 By Anne H. Gibson, J.D., LL.M. “Session participants discussed how law librarians and knowledge management (“KM”) professionals could best integrate new AI tools such as ChatGPT into their institutions—and what not to do. Artificial intelligence… Continue Reading

AI language models are rife with different political biases

MIT Technology Review: “Should companies have social responsibilities? Or do they exist only to deliver profit to their shareholders? If you ask an AI you might get wildly different answers depending on which one you ask. While OpenAI’s older GPT-2 and GPT-3 Ada models would advance the former statement, GPT-3 Da Vinci, the company’s more… Continue Reading

GAO – Blockchain in Finance

GAO Report via YouTube: “Blockchain creates and records tamper-resistant transactions by multiple parties without a central authority, such as a bank, when used for financial transactions. Recent price crashes, bankruptcies, and fraud involving crypto assets, such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, raised concerns about regulation and the risks consumers face. Regulatory gaps may limit regulators’… Continue Reading

“ is an experiment in creating AI generated course contents. It works like this: you enter something you’re curious about, and then we generate a 13 week course on the subject. You can choose to receive the course via email, or read it on the site. We’ll keep track of your progress. An Alex MacCaw… Continue Reading

Navigating LLMs and Generative AI: A Primer for Information Science Practitioners

Via SLA – Free Webinar: “Devin Conathon of Liberty Mutual Insurance will provide an introduction to Large Language Models (LLM) and Generative AI. Devin is a data scientist with machine learning research and development experience. Join us to learn more from Devin about what Generative AI is and how it will impact the world around… Continue Reading