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Daily Archives: August 31, 2023

LLRX August 2023 Issue

Articles and Columns for August 2023

The Case For Large Language Model Optimism in Legal Research From A Law & Technology Librarian

Via LLRX – The Case For Large Language Model Optimism in Legal Research From A Law & Technology Librarian – The emergence of Large Language Models (LLMs) in legal research signifies a transformative shift. This article by Sean Harrington critically evaluates the advent and fine-tuning of Law-Specific LLMs, such as those offered by Casetext, Westlaw, and… Continue Reading

Unforgotten on the Day of the Disappeared: Missing human rights advocates

Via LLRX – Unforgotten on the Day of the Disappeared: Missing human rights advocates – On August 30th each year the world is reminded that hundreds of thousands of people in at least 85 countries don’t know where their loved ones are, or even whether they are alive or dead. For the victims of enforced… Continue Reading

Bureau of Global Health Security and Diplomacy

The State Dept. created a new agency to deal with diseases as national security threats. “Health security is national security, and an infectious disease threat anywhere is a threat everywhere. U.S. leadership is critical to save lives domestically and globally by preventing, detecting, and responding to these health threats, in collaboration with international partners. The… Continue Reading

A.I.’s un-learning problem

Fortune: – Researchers say it’s virtually impossible to make an A.I. model ‘forget’ the things it learns from private user data “…“If a machine learning-based system has been trained on data, the only way to retroactively remove a portion of that data is by re-training the algorithms from scratch,” Anasse Bari, an A.I. expert and… Continue Reading

Texting do’s and don’t’s for 2023

Washington Post: “…Agreed-upon texting rules have imploded amid a global pandemic, social media apps and the breakdown of work-life boundaries. Search TikTok for “texting etiquette” and you’ll find contradictory advice — is it rude to let a text sit or rude to expect a response? Is the thumbs-up emoji passive-aggressive? Does an all-caps message demand… Continue Reading

Fulton judge says Trump court proceedings will be televised

Atlanta Journal Constitution: “A Fulton County judge on Thursday said that all court proceedings in the election interference case against former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants will be live streamed and televised. Judge Scott McAfee also said he is following the precedent set by fellow Fulton Judge Robert McBurney; all hearings and trials will… Continue Reading

AI Policies Across the Globe: Implications and Recommendations For Libraries

AI policies across the globe: Implications and recommendations for libraries, Leo S Lo, OnlineFirst. Published August 27, 2023. – This article examines the proposed artificial intelligence policies of the USA, UK, European Union, Canada, and China, and their implications for libraries. As artificial intelligence revolutionizes library operations, it presents complex challenges, such as ethical… Continue Reading

Federal judge temporarily blocks new Texas book-rating law for schools

San Antonio Press News: “A federal judge on Thursday temporarily blocked a new Texas law that would establish a book-rating system and ban or restrict books with sexual content from Texas public schools.  Austin-based Judge Alan D. Albright told lawyers that the state could not enforce the law Friday, when it was planned to take… Continue Reading