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Daily Archives: August 30, 2023

How to talk to an AI chatbot

Washington Post – An ordinary human’s guide to getting extraordinary results from a chatbot: “ChatGPT doesn’t come with an instruction manual. But maybe it should. Only a quarter of Americans who have heard of the AI chatbot say they have used it, Pew Research Center reported this week. “The hardest lesson” for new AI chatbot users to learn, says Ethan Mollick, a Wharton professor and chatbot enthusiast, “is that they’re really difficult to use.” Or at least, to use well. The Washington Post talked with Mollick and other experts about how to get the most out of AI chatbots — from OpenAI’s ChatGPT to Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Bing — and how to avoid common pitfalls. Often, users’ first mistake is to treat them like all-knowing oracles, instead of the powerful but flawed language tools that they really are. Here’s our guide to their favorite strategies for asking a chatbot to help with explaining, writing and brainstorming. Just select a topic and follow along…”

See also MIT Technology Review – Large language models aren’t people. Let’s stop testing them as if they were. With hopes and fears about this technology running wild, it’s time to agree on what it can and can’t do.

Why and how to create corporate genAI policies

Computer World: “Adoption of generative AI is happening at a breakneck pace, but potential threats posed by the technology will require organizations to set up guardrails to protect sensitive data and customer privacy — and to avoid running afoul of regulators. As a large number of companies continue to test and deploy generative artificial intelligence… Continue Reading

US Copyright Office opens inquiry into laws needed to rein in genAI

“The agency move is part of an ongoing effort to gather public feedback on why AI can sometimes flagrantly use copyrighted materials to produce content. The agency plans to hand over its findings to Congress. The US Copyright Office is seeking public input on copyright law and policy issues raised by generative AI and is… Continue Reading

Google Maps Platform adds air quality and pollen information to capture changing climate realities

Mashable: “Google’s latest launch suggests Maps is becoming more than a navigation tool, as the company announces three new public APIs covering solar, air quality, and pollen data and predictions to address the world’s new climate reality. Now, in addition to the company’s Maps, Routes, and Places APIs, a new “Environment” category will be joining… Continue Reading

Quantifying Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Human Deaths to Guide Energy Policy

Quantifying Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Human Deaths to Guide Energy Policy by Joshua M. Pearce and Richard Parncutt. This article belongs to the Special Issue The Future of Energy Policy. “When attempting to quantify future harms caused by carbon emissions and to set appropriate energy policies, it has been argued that the most important… Continue Reading

State of AI Report Compute Index

“The State of AI Report Compute Index tracks the size of public, private and national HPC clusters, as well as the utilisation of various AI chips in AI research papers. As a key substrate upon which AI models are trained and run, the size of compute clusters and the popularity of specific chips helps us… Continue Reading

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