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Daily Archives: August 9, 2023

How to Blur Your Background in a Zoom Call

Tech Republic: “In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to easily blur your background in a Zoom call as well as how to set a background image. Let’s say you have a Zoom meeting, but your normal work-from-home space is occupied or worse, a mess. You have no time to clean it or find a neutral, privacy-maintaining space to set up, and panic sets in. Don’t worry — you have options built right into Zoom to hide the space behind you: background blurring. This easily toggleable option can keep your space private or render messy rooms indeterminably fuzzy, and it’s available in Zoom right now. In this guide, we’ll show you how to blur your Zoom background before a meeting while in a meeting as well as how to choose a background image…”

Heat-Related EMS Activation Surveillance Dashboard

“The Heat-Related EMS Activation Surveillance Dashboard, created in partnership between the HHS Office of Climate Change and Health Equity and the DOT National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, uses nationally submitted Emergency Medical Services (EMS) data to track EMS responses to people experiencing heat-related emergencies in the pre-hospital setting. For more information regarding how to use… Continue Reading

Data Insecurity Laws

Stein, David, Data Insecurity Laws (July 27, 2023). __ Santa Clara High Tech. L.J. __ (Forthcoming), Available at SSRN:– “By broad consensus, data security laws have failed to stem a rising tide of data breaches. Data security laws come in three forms: duties to protect data, duties to notify consumers after a breach, and… Continue Reading

Zoom Is Using You to Train AI. So Will Everyone Else

Rolling Stone: “Zoom, the virtual communications platform that millions use for remote work, is facing backlash over an updated policy allowing it to train their AI products on customer data pulled from meetings. But experts say this not an isolated case — it’s a sign of how big tech plans to harvest and leverage your… Continue Reading

Federal Reserve communications

Jeremy Singer-Vine, Data is Plural: Agam Shah et al. have compiled a corpus of key communications by the US Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee, which “controls the three tools of monetary policy — open market operations, the discount rate, and reserve requirements.” Gathered from the Fed’s website, the corpus includes all meeting minutes and… Continue Reading

AI in Education

Education Next [This is an extensive well documented guide – includes a section on The Importance of Well-Designed Prompts] – The leap into a new era of machine intelligence carries risks and challenges, but also plenty of promise. Over the last year, developers have released a dizzying array of AI tools that can generate text,… Continue Reading

Google Free courses: IoT; Machine Learning; Data Science; Computer Science

1. Introduction to Generative AI 2. Introduction to Large Language Models 3. Introduction to Responsible AI 4. Introduction to Image Generation 5. Encoder-Decoder Architecture 6. Attention Mechanism 7. Transformer Models and BERT Model 8. Create Image Captioning Models 9. Introduction to Generative AI Studio 10. Machine… Continue Reading