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Daily Archives: August 21, 2023

Cameras in the Courts – State by State Coverage Guide

“The Radio Television Digital News Association is proud to present this comprehensive guide to state and federal laws regarding cameras in the courts.

Nearly every state in the union has provisions to allow the media to use video cameras and microphones in courtrooms in some circumstances. In some, cameras are a routine sight at the trial court level. In others, the state’s appellate courts or supreme court have cameras, operated by the courts themselves. On the federal appellate level, the Second and Ninth Circuits allow the media to use cameras. For members of the media, understanding the rules and procedures in your state and the federal courts is necessary to provide the best and most complete coverage of the judicial branch in action. RTDNA is the nation’s leading advocate of opening courtrooms at all levels to electronic media coverage and works with newsroom and court leaders across the country to develop clear and fair rules to allows journalists and judges to best serve the people. To assist members of the media in understanding current court rules and procedures, we have developed the RTDNA Cameras in the Courts State By State Guide. Included here are the most current policies from each state and circuit, with links to relevant resources and complete details. You also can compare all data and filter it by policy for further study.”

Well-Known Resource Index

“Well-Known is a free, open index of well-known resources. It scans millions of domains at regular intervals, compiling a searchable database of structured well-known resource data. The search engine supports specific search filters for each resource type, enabling detailed queries to answer a wide variety of questions. 10 resources are currently supported. Well-known resources are… Continue Reading

It isn’t data that will unlock AI, it is human expertise

One Useful Thing: “The largest Large Language Models, like GPT-4, already have trained on tons of data. They “know” many things, which is why they beat Stanford Medical School students when evaluating new medical cases and Harvard students at essay writing, despite their tendency to hallucinate wrong answers. It may well be that more data… Continue Reading

Assigning AI: Seven Approaches for Students, with Prompts

Mollick, Ethan R. and Mollick, Lilach, Assigning AI: Seven Approaches for Students, with Prompts (June 12, 2023). Available at SSRN: or “This paper examines the transformative role of Large Language Models (LLMs) in education and their potential as learning tools, despite their inherent risks and limitations. The authors propose seven approaches for utilizing… Continue Reading

Broadcasting Federal Criminal Proceedings

CRS Insight. Broadcasting Federal Criminal Proceedings, August 14, 2023. “The August 1, 2023, criminal indictment of former President Donald Trump has prompted public discussion of whether federal criminal proceedings can be televised or otherwise broadcast to the public. Whether, and potentially how, video of federal court proceedings can be made available has been a topic… Continue Reading

Dan Rather and Elliott Kirschner: The War to Destroy Public Education

“Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner wrote in their blog Steady about the importance of saving public education from the forces trying to destroy and privatize it. They remind us and the general public that public schools unite us; privatization is inherently divisive. It is ironic that the red states are implementing voucher plans as the… Continue Reading

Thomson Reuters Future of Professionals Report

“Thomson Reuters a global content and technology company, today released its Future of Professionals Report. The survey of more than 1,200 individuals working internationally shares the predicted impact that generative AI will have on the future of professional work. The survey showed 67% of respondents believe AI will have a transformational or high impact on… Continue Reading

The Authors Whose Pirated Books Are Powering Generative AI

The Atlantic [free link]: “One of the most troubling issues around generative AI is simple: It’s being made in secret. To produce humanlike answers to questions, systems such as ChatGPT process huge quantities of written material. But few people outside of companies such as Meta and OpenAI know the full extent of the texts these… Continue Reading

How Do We Inventory the Materials Needed To Build Wind and Solar Farms?

New Database Quantifies What the Country Needs To Meet Its Big Clean Energy Goals – Wind and sun may be nearly infinite resources. But the materials needed to build wind turbines and solar panels are not always common. Take the rare earth metals—neodymium, dysprosium, and praseodymium—for example. Chances are those names are just as unfamiliar… Continue Reading